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Re-creating a Sky Blazer (1983)(Broderbund) Cartridge for the VIC-20


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Hello, I’m attempting to create / re-create a VIC-20 cartridge of the game “Sky Blazer” by Broderbund.  I have two working CRT files (confirmed working by loading them into Vice, attaching the 8KB Images at $6000 and $A000 respectively.)



I had some 16K ROM Cartridge PCB’s made using the Eagle files from this thread and burned a 27128 with the CRT files concatenated together.  I also removed the first two header bytes from each CRT which appear to be an address header.  I tried with $6000 first then $A000, and the other way around and nothing loads up when I power on, I’m assuming it will auto-boot?


Anyone have advice on how to test if the cartridge is loaded into memory?  Thanks


p.s. I'm pretty sure the default jumpers on the card (blocks 3 & 5) line up with $6000 & $A000


EDIT: And I just realized in my rush to make this last night, I forgot to add the .1Uf capacitor, I'll solder that on and re-test!


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