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Is the 16mhz mode of STEEM emulator the same performance as a real Mega STE?


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I was wondering if the emulator runs faster/the same as a real Mega STE set to 16mhz clock running the same game/disk etc? 


I know other 16mhz accelerators give a pitiful increase in speed in reality but the Mega STE was an official design from Atari. Trying to pick out some games for the future when I have a real Mega STE set up for use.

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The bus speed is still 8MHz on the MegaSTe. However it got 16Kb of cache that makes things going a bit faster. But it doesn't make it double the speed of a STe. So the emulator that exist should be somewhat accurate.


There was other accelerators like Ad-Speed16 that also uses cache. PAK68-030 can also have cache but all of these was constrained to bus speed of 8MHz as well. But there is mods that can be done to make the bus speed up to 12 MHz on a normal ST.


Atari TT has a processor that runs in 32MHz but the bus speed is 16MHz on it.

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That's what I was afraid of, despite the fact the MSTE is possibly the best implementation of a 16mhz 68000 in an ST. Ah well it will be 2023 before I have a room finished for setting up a MSTE and I can always write out a disk image using my old Athlon PC's internal floppy drive :)


Some games are only playable in STEEM's 16mhz mode, like Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja or Turbo OutRun, probably try those first and compare with what STEEM session plays like. Could be an interesting project. 

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