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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tourney - Round 7 - Mr. Chin

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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tournament


Round 7

post-98-128539799379_thumb.pngMr. Chin for Colecovision Box Artpost-98-128539809102_thumb.jpg

Game Information

Game Name: Mr.Chin

Released by: Original Game: Hal Laboratory 1984. CV: Collectorvision/Retroillucid 2008.

Settings: Skill 1

CV HSC High ScoreSkill 1: 85,500 ColecoDan (9/2010 HSC4).

Manual:  https://cvaddict.com/manuals/mr-chin.pdf


Round Ends: Monday November 28th  at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Rules are simple. After each round ends, the player with the lowest score is eliminated and we continue playing rounds until one individual remains atop the carnage. Having the top score isn't necessary yet, just try not to have the lowest score. If more than one player or players tie for the lowest score, the player with the best average finish from the previous rounds will move on. Good Luck!

ColecoVision Platform Theme Video - Platform Theme Videos - LaunchBox  Community Forums

Good Luck!

Final Mr Chin Scores

1)95,700 DuggerVideoGames Record Breaker - Record Setter :-o :-o

2)42,100 Colecovision

3)33,100 fakecortex

4)25,800 zaphro72

5)25,600 Northcoastgamer  ELIMINATED


For Fun Scores

1)33,100 ed1475








Razzie.P       (ELIMINATED Round 6)

jblenkle        (ELIMINATED Round 5)

digress         (ELIMINATED Round 4)

ed1475         (ELIMINATED Round 3) 

chuckwalla   (ELIMINATED Round 2)

Krytol           (ELIMINATED Round 1)




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Final Score Update
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