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Hi everyone, I've recently launched a new gaming magazine, and I think it's something that many of you would enjoy. It's A5 size, fifty pages, full colour and finished to a high quality. Content is focussed strongly around indie games and developers, whilst big titles are also included and reviewed. We aim to cover all systems, past, present and future. This will definitely be a space for reviewing and featuring new ATARI games. Stylistically it takes influence from many of the greats that I grew up with: Mean Machines, Nintendo Power, EGM etc coupled together in a modern and sleek format. Strong focus was given to both the cost of the magazine and on shipping fee's. I know the world is a difficult place for all of us right now. The smaller size of the magazine means that it can be shipped globally in just 3-7 working days, and at excellent rates. The magazines are also dispatched in an anti-bend cardboard sleeve, ensuring they are in excellent condition when they arrive. The magazine is available in physical print and digital PDF. There is also a sample you can download for FREE, if you wish to try before you buy. The magazine is getting really positive feedback from the community this far, and I would love it if you checked it out, or just helped to spread the word.

Thanks in advance


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On 11/24/2022 at 5:20 PM, jhd said:


So, is there any way to download the free sample issue without providing my personal information? 


I could do so pseudonymously, of course, but I wanted to check on other options first.  

Hi, and thanks for the interest. all you should need to put in is a name, of which you may enter anything you like and an email address to deliver the sample. 

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It looks like I have go through the order process to get it. I don’t use the provided methods to purchase online nor am I inclined to sign up for another payment service. What I saw on Time Extension, the magazine looks to have some great production values.


I gotta say, the UK seems to have some strong love for magazines!  

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