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Bases Loaded My Arcade Pocket Player


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I recently saw this at a Walgreens then came home and did a little research before ordering one on Ebay.  Color me very impressed!  I haven't played Bases Loaded on my NES in a long, long time but this little handheld certainly looks the way I recall it to be.  No voices (which is a bit of a bummer) but for a $20 purchase this little gadget appears to be an amazing value. It includes all 4 installments of the Bases Loaded series and Hoops (which seems to be a neat two-on-two basketball game).  As it appears winter has come a little early to my part of woods I will look forward to putzing around with this handheld in the old recliner.


As this game has been available for a year now I was a little surprised that it hasn't been mentioned on this forum (from what I can see, any ways) so I thought I would do my duty. 



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I purchased the Bases Loaded at Target a month or so back when they were on clearance.  I think I paid around $12, but sadly the screen when bad on it almost immediately.  It didn't go out, but it went so very bright, that you can hardly make out what is going on.  I wish it would have had a contrast wheel to maybe help out the problem, but unless someone could provide help, its just a somewhat interesting paperweight/poor mans flashlight.

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