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Coco 2 to IBM 5153 CGA monitor?


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Hey guys,


I'm new to the forum and just picked up the 1st Tandy I've ever owned. 


My plan was to do the composite mod and run a small TV, but I have a IBM 5153 sitting on a shelf in the garage..


I guess my question is if I run this monitor would I be losing out on anything? Like resolution, number of colors at the same time, etc?


Also, is there an RF to CGA adapter? My search seems to be coming up empty..


Thanks in advance


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There is a easy to install device called the cocovga., you basically sandwich it under you vdg chip and it provides clear vga output for your coco 1 , coco2..

I can't remember what happens when a cga is connected to a vga output..:) but its easy to find nice vga flatscreens for $15


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