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Lynx High Score Club 2022 II: Round 7 - Super Asteroids and Alpine Games - Speedskating

Rick Dangerous

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I don’t think I get Speedskating. I am hitting the button and d pad as close to when the arms is forward and back as possible and I still end up at this plateau.





EDIT: I think I got it. It wants me to press them a little after the maximum extension, I think. Later than feels right to me, anyway.


I at least kept up with the other skater for the whole course this time.





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Things I have learned about speed skating.


Take off is crucial. At take-off there is a moment at start up where the arm swings back just a little bit more before it reaches peak so you have to hit the button twice to get a good take off while timing it just right.


From me I found the timing works best at the very moments the very brief moments that the arm hangs on its swing back 'n forth at its peaks. Or an instant before to compensate for reaction time.


Also for me I have found that using the reflection of my speed-skater was easier than using the image of the skater itself. Actually I alternate and use the reflection for a while then switch to actual image. Sometimes it seems to help.

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