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It's Conner time 3! V23.75 out now! ((c) 2023!) (Note: DOESN'T WORK ON JS7800.)


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Ok, so for some reason, it won't let me edit my own posts. 

So here is the newest V23.0:

ICT3_V23.0 (2).a78

ICT3_V23.0 (2).a

When I can I will edit the origonal post with the new content.

It adds more sound-effects and by putting a C into the 7th slot (Hit select 6 times, x on most atari 7800 emulators, then hit reset untill the icon becomes a C ) and pressing a direction to activate Sound test.

Hit up to increase the counter, down to decrease it, and button 1 to play the selected sound. It's in hex so watch out. (Note: IDs above $0A don't work, so be careful!)


Edit: It seems I can edit things again :) 

Edit 2: Unfortunately, posts I made before the white-out are still un-editable. =/

And yes, I did read @Albert's post about it.

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Speaking of, I know I've asked this before, but any suggestions?
(Also, I promise I won't freak out like I did before.)

hopefully X=usr(1536) will forgive me. I'm trying to be a better person ok? I'm still learning. And please don't slam me for saying this.

I'd make an edit to the post above, but once I post I can't edit if I reload the page. 


I'll try to get the physics updated soon but that will come later.

I'm also thinking about contacting @Albert about getting the other thread removed from the forums. It's bad. (Don't read it, you WILL embarass me by reading it! So, I ask you kindly to NOT read it. I was mindless when I said some of the things on that thread and it's permanently gave some users a bad view on me. I am not that person.)


I also hope you guys are enjoying the game. I want to make it great so that I have SOMETHING GOOD. (because let's be real, I don't belong here. I belong with the other children doing child stuff. Not on these adult forums on 40 year old systems doing adult stuff, but failing because I'm not an adult.) 


(I already can see someone like Muddyfunster coming to reply to this. And also, no need to tell X=usr(1536) about this stuff- he's probably never going to change his mind. And I'm sad about it. :( )


Anyway, About the "Fish" in Zeropage city act C....


They will be fixed. Their collision is messed up- and they aren't even fish, they are "Balls". Spheres, I'll be calling them for obvious reasons. 

So, any sugestions? (Besides not making posts like this, I can't fix that at the moment being unable to edit previous posts.)

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Hello Everyone!

To anyone who has been patiently waiting for ICT3 to be done, it is set to be done NEXT TUESDAY.


I am currently working on music for the game, that's why no updates have been posted. Why?

Well, because ICT3's sequel is on the atari 8bit!  (Well actually, C&A takes place RIGHT AFTER ICT3.)


Yes, there is ICT3 music laying around in Conner&Anthony for atari 8bit. ;) 


Happy new year!

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