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much to do in Cyberpunk 2077 after you finish the story?

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Just picked up Cyberpunk 2077 since it was half off and I am really impressed so far.

Easy question to those who have sunk a bunch of hours into it: one reviewer I watched said after you finish the story there's not much to do, don't be thinking this is GTA V crossed with Blade Runner but then another reviewer I watched said exactly the opposite.

Which is it?

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After you finish side missions not entirely. This is something that basically every open world game suffers from. You can only do as much in the open world as they give you to do. Rockstar games especially suffer from this. Big beautiful open worlds with nothing to do in them after you've finished everything they can throw at you. To be fair by the time you finish everything they can throw at you, you'll probably be ready to move on anyway, but still I can't wait until someone solves this issue with some kind of genuine replayability.

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With open world games, if you just do the main story mission first you won't be able to go back and do all the side quests and the exploration that comes with coming across them.  It's probably best to save the game just before you finish the ending, and once you "beat" the game you can reload the save and go explore the rest of the open world.


That was the issue with Fallout 3 until they released the Broken Steel DLC, before you sacrifice your life for the good of all but that meant you're also dead.  At least with Broken Steel you're brought back and can continue to play the game anyway you like.


To me, open world games are the closest I'll get to playing paper & pen RPG's without anyone else around to play with (or to make plans to play every two weeks unless 'something' comes up).


So I like to continue to explore the game world until I move on to something else.  That's what I wanted from Cyberpunk 2077 except I don't have a PC or Xbox that can handle the graphics. :(

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You can enter the photoshoot competitions that CD Projekt promotes on Twitter :P


I guess it really depends on play style... I've spent the past 2 years playing the game in bursts, with most of the time just exploring without doing much other than watching some nice graphics while listening to music (not the ingame music btw, my own playlists) and trashing some mobs. I still think the world building is amazing overall, but it lacks that interactive component that pretty much all open world games lack as stated already


I really wish they would just add some proper oldskool arcade games in there so you have some reason to return.. now its only 1 arcade game afaik.

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