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Laserdisc player for 7800?


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I’m pretty sure there’s a topic on this but would a laserdisc player be possible on the 7800?


also, with some software it might be possible to convert the analogue data to digital so games on laserdisc can be created. Sort of like cassette-players.


Or, using an analogue-digital converter we might be able to store more data.


this is just an idea.

Hope this works!


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The expansion port on the first batch of 7800's was added with the idea that it could be used to integrate a keyboard or I/O with a laserdisc player with the 7800 acting as a remote controller. As it quickly became apparent these add-ons wouldn't happen the port was removed.


A lot of people have asked about using the expansion port over the years but it was never intended to do much and so can't do data transfer in any significant volume so any kind of storage would have to happen over the cartridge port anyway.


The next problem is that few people have 7800s, fewer still have both a 7800 and working laserdisc player, and the final nail in the coffin is that there are absolutely zero laserdisc pressing plants left in the world so even if you could theoretically create all the hardware and software you'd have no way of actually putting it on disc so it's a moot point.
Even shifting sideways to a more common medium like tape is just not worth the cost and hassle when compared to the modern cartridge formats we have access to.

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