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is there any body making new paddle controllers.

Mr Oni

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Actual 2600 style paddles? Not as far as I can tell. Closest I've seen is some oddball 3D printed Etsy thing, thought I'm pretty sure it's a refurbished set.

You can definitely get reproduction 2600 joysticks that look like the originals, though. I have a couple that I got off Aliexpress and they were only about $15 each, shipping included. They're not exactly 1:1, but they at least function and feel the same as a 2600 joystick, just without 40 years of wear and tear. Sadly I guess the paddle controllers just aren't alluring enough for there to be a market for reproduction versions...

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I guess it's been a while back, but at one point ATGames had some (I'm guessing this was around the time of the Flashback 3 or so)...But now, If they have any,  I Imagine them being only available on the Ultimate Deluxe Flashback Gold (Or whatever they call it this year)...I wonder if there's anywhere that sells them separately?


Have you looked at BEST Electronics?  They used to sell the ones with their newer Awesome Potentiometers installed.   IDK,  Maybe call them...Follow their rules if you want to make a purchase...Some complain, but I never had any issues.  Just read their old as dirt looking website if you're not famililar...


(Here ya Go!)






PS Oops!  I somehow missed that MrZarniwoop had already mentioned this.



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1 hour ago, SpiceWare said:


wow, it has been a while since I bought a couple sets from Amazon. Where does the time fly?




Crazy thing,...I seem to recall,  (long before I was even an AtariAge member) that someone named SpiceWare (or thereabouts) had put up a review answering the ONE QUESTION on everyone's mind, that YES they work with the old Original Ataris.   Good Job on that BTW!!

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I like the idea of what BEST did. Had hi-quality replacements made. 100K cycles is pretty good.


As new manufacturing techniques are invented and methods evolve, more complex parts will hopefully be made in smaller hobbyist quantities. In today's increasingly granular marketplace for replacement parts, it will be in the best interests of vendors to cater to smaller orders and not mega million-part runs.


New parts designed to replicate vintage parts exactly is a growing market.

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