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Can’t use NCOPY with wildcards


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I’m trying to use NCOPY from the SDX command processor running under the Altirra emulator to copy multiple files from an FTP site on the N: device to a Dx: Drive (eg D3: which is an APT drive partition running on a virtual HD via Ult1Mb / SIDE3 ) using wildcards. So for example NCOPY N:FTP://FTP.PIGWA.NET/stuff/collections/holmes cd/Holmes 2/Atari Archives/*.txt,D3:*.txt


When I use NCOPY to copy a single file - so with fully defined filenames it works fine but whenever I try any combination using wildcards I get an ‘Error 144’ error - presumably from SDX. looking up the error in the SDX manual it states it’s a write protected or bad sector error.


Cn anyone please advise what may be going wrong? Presumably others are using NCOPY from N: to Dx: drives with wildcards without a problem.


Thanks for any help or advice offered.

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Yes you are both right - thanks it's my inappropriate use of the destination filename. D3: is indeed sufficient.


Also for enyone else in a similar situation - bear in mind the SDX filenaming conventions are quite limited  - only 8.3 alphanumerics allowed plus '_' and '@'. So where I've been trying to do wildcard NCOPY of ANTIC files like '85-10.ARC' it won't work as the '-' is an invalid character. So the moral is be careful to visually parse a FTP directory contents in advance to ensure it doesn't contain non SDX acceptable filenames before trying to NCOPY etc.

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