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SOLD: Commodore 64C, 1541-II Drive, 1351 Mouse, 1750 RAM Expansion, and Software


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This collection is a Commodore 64 productivity time capsule.  It constitutes a truly plug-n-play suite of hardware and software that represent the C64 at its business-minded finest.


Package includes:

  • Commodore 64C Computer w/ Aftermarket Power Supply and Composite AV Cable
  • Commodore 1541-II 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive w/ Original Power Supply
  • Commodore 1351 Mouse, Unused CIB
  • Commodore 1750 RAM Expansion Module, CIB
  • Commodore PET Emulator Software, NOS
  • Berkely Softworks GEOS 1.2, CIB



  • All hardware devices are tested for base functionality using software loaded via IEC2SD
  • Included floppy disks are not tested or guaranteed to work
  • The 1750 REU does not appear in the photograph of the full suite because it was added it to the offering later


* WEEKEND (12/3 and 12/4) DISCOUNT PRICE *

Price:  $450 + Actual Shipping of 12"x18" Box from Zip Code 07666



IMG_0537.JPG  IMG_0538.JPG  IMG_0539.JPG  IMG_0540.JPGIMG_0541.JPG  IMG_0542.JPG  IMG_0543.JPG  IMG_0544.JPG  IMG_0545.JPG

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