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Atari Jaguar Console & CD Attachment Lot with Games.


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(Cross-posted from my Facebook account)


$1,500 USD shipped to lower 48 USA.


The TV and surge strip are NOT included.


Before getting into anything else, I want to mention that the CD attachment does NOT spin.  It is detected by the base console and changes the splash screens appropriately, but it does not do CD based activities.  We're a spin free zone here, folks.  No attempts have been made to repair it.  The CD attachment's passthrough cartridge slot does work without any issues and runs cart based games while attached.  


The CD attachment is boxed with the styroform in a deteriorating state.  Every time I even think about opening the box, a new chunk wants to separate and fall off.  All three pieces of styrofoam are present and accounted for, however.  Bottom, middle, and the weird thin piece that goes over the top of the console are all there and ready to disappoint you at a moment's notice.  There are no manuals or inserts included with the CD attachment portion, but it does include the original power supply in a working state.

Blue Thunder and VidGrid are included and complete.  No Myst demo or Tempest soundtrack are included.


The Atari Memory track is CIB and in very nice shape, but is untested as I can't boot up any CD games to try and save to it.  


Flashback cartridge is loose and working.


Cybermorph is cartridge, manual, box, and tray (with some writing on it reminding you that the game you're about to hate is named Cybermorph in case you forget)


Checkered flag is cartridge, box, manual, and tray as well.  It's also a terrible game.


The Atari Jaguar itself is CIB with the original cardboard tray that is also falling apart, but there enough to hold the components together and inside the box without issue.  Manuals and inserts for the Jaguar are present. Original power supply is present and working great.


Finally, we've got an aftermarket composite RCA adapter that'll get you up and running on TVs without RF input.  Oh hey, that reminds me, I forgot to mention that the CIB Jaguar does include the original RF adapter too!


I cannot stress this enough - the Atari Jaguar sucks.  You're going to take this out of the box once, say to yourself "Wow, this sucks a lot" and then put it on your shelf to look pretty because the boxes are badass.


I'm primarily looking to ship this beast to somewhere in the continental United States, but I'll consider international shipping if you foot the bill.  In the US, all fees and shipping are included in the asking price.  Local pickup in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana is an option too.


I shouldn't have bought this and neither should you, but if you're feeling like money is a burden you wish to relieve yourself of, I'm asking $1500 shipped for it.  Offers will be considered, but go to the back of the line if anyone wants it at full price. 

I'm not looking to trade this away, as it feels like something that might get brought up when I die and have to plead my case for getting into Heaven.  At least with money I can explain that I wanted to buy food and pay my mortage.











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