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Atari st motherload


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I suggest you try EBAY and hook that Falcon030 up to that monitor, show that it's working and maybe $2000 otherwise it's a gamble for a buyer.  If you got good working hardware from the early 90's it's worth some bucks to collectors and just folks that like the good old days before the internet screwed it all up.

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Firstly, my sympathies and condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father.  I lost mine three years ago, so have some idea of what it's like.


Apart from that, I would suggest searching the Buy and Sell forums here to get an idea of what these things might be worth.  eBay is also a possibility, as is Amibay.


The high-value item that you have is the Falcon030, so concentrate on that.  After that, the Spectre cartridge is probably next if the Mac ROMs are installed in it.  The EMAC drive: no idea, but in this day and age most HDDs of the time are basically historical novelties.  If it has a cable, that may actually be worth more.

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2 hours ago, bwoolfbc said:

My Dad passed and I'm going through his old Arari gear. I'm not sure as to what it is all worth but I was told that this is the place to go to find out. If anyone is able to let me know what I should ask for all of this that would be much appreciated.














It's worth about $3000.  The value in the package is the Falcon computer.  The rest is just small details.  So your best bet is a listing on ebay for just the falcon, then the rest give away or deal with later.  If you decide to sell on ebay, don't sell as a package. List everything separately.  


That being said, if you can get someone to drive to your home to save you having to list and ship, give them a $500 discount for the entire package.  Make sure that that your terms are that its sold AS-IS .


Also the Falcon is rare enough, you don't need to bother testing it.  There are plenty of buyers that will deal with whatever problems they may run into.  


Sorry for your loss, been 5 years for me ................



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