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For Sale: Major Havoc style USB controllers!!!


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Master Havoc USB Wheel Controller



The Master Havoc USB Wheel Controller is a "cost effective" USB only roller controller for MAME in the style of a "Major Havoc" arcade controller.

***Please note that this USB controller is NOT compatible with an actual Major Havoc arcade machine and can NOT be used as a drop in replacement for a Major Havoc arcade machine.***

This controller is basically a modified USB mouse PCB mounted over a small mechanical spinning disk. Since it is a standard mouse PCB the computer sees it as just that, a mouse. To keep with an authentic feel I made the mounting the same as a standard Major Havoc arcade controller.

All Master Havoc USB Wheel Controllers are hand assembled. All the custom parts in this controller were designed and 3D printed by me on my own 3D printer.

For the background on this project please see this topic here at AtariAge.com: Major Havoc USB controller


All Master Havoc USB Wheel Controllers include:

* (1) Master Havoc USB Wheel Controller unit
* (1) Master Havoc mounting template
* (1) Hex wrench (for disassembling if necessary)
* (4) Carriage bolts (with washers & nuts) for mounting the controller to a control panel
* (2) connections [4.8 mm spade connectors] for two arcade buttons (arcade buttons not included)

The cost is $85.00 per unit and the shipping cost (inside the USA) is $12.00. If you are outside the USA please let me know where for a shipping quote.

If you are interested in purchasing, please Personal Message me here on AtariAge with the title: Master Havoc USB Wheel Controller

Please keep in mind I invoice via PayPal so I will need your PayPal email address if you are interested. I will also accept postal money orders if you do not use PayPal. Let me know if you are inside or outside the USA for shipping.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Just let me know if you are inside or outside the USA and your PayPal email address for invoicing (or if you want to send a postal money order).


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11 hours ago, ianoid said:


I'm sorry, I don't print cases/boxes for my controllers. I designed them to fit inside an arcade control panel. My test unit is mounted in a storage box that I purchased from Hobby Lobby, which I don't recommend as the top surface is too flexible. When mounting the controller the top surface of your box should not be more than 5/32" (3/16" might be pushing it) thick.

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I installed mine as one of the modular controllers in my Mame setup and it is AWESOME.


These are the games I play using this setup with the Major Havoc roller:




Gypsy Juggler


Major Havoc

Rip Cord

Surf Planet


I know Kick is supposed to be a ball but the roller is perfect.  You can get the sensitivity so you can move quickly but not so quick your guy freezes.  I highly recommend this controller.





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I'm officially sold out.


If there is still interest in this controller I will make more in the future. For now I have none to sell.


If I get at least 10 persons worth of interest I will make another run.


Thanks to all for making this a great project!


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