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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tourney - Round 8 - Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle

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6th Annual Fall Knockout Tournament


Round 8

image.png.90be6935fb1d82692aa3fb868e53df97.pngSmurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle for Colecovision Box Artimage.png.21a758faaa5fbbf72b3b3407fc1bcf8c.png

Game Information

Game Name: Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle

Released by: Smurf Copyright - Peyo 1982CV Game: Coleco 1982.

Settings: Skill 2

CV HSC High ScoreSkill 2:1,019,500 DuggerVideoGames (3/2017 HSC10 Spring K.O. Tourney).

Manual:  https://cvaddict.com/manuals/smurf-rescue-in-gargamel-s-castle.pdf


Round Ends: Thursday December 8th  at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Rules are simple. After each round ends, the player with the lowest score is eliminated and we continue playing rounds until one individual remains atop the carnage. Having the top score isn't necessary yet, just try not to have the lowest score. If more than one player or players tie for the lowest score, the player with the best average finish from the previous rounds will move on. Good Luck!


ColecoVision Platform Theme Video - Platform Theme Videos - LaunchBox  Community Forums

Good Luck!

Final Smurf Scores

1)174,700 fakecortex

2)105,400 Colecovision

3)102,800 DuggerVideoGames  

4)  88,400 zaphro72  ELIMINATED


For Fun Scores

1)88,200 ed1475







NCG              (ELIMINATED Round 7)

Razzie.P       (ELIMINATED Round 6)

jblenkle        (ELIMINATED Round 5)

digress         (ELIMINATED Round 4)

ed1475         (ELIMINATED Round 3) 

chuckwalla   (ELIMINATED Round 2)

Krytol           (ELIMINATED Round 1)





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Final Score Update
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8 hours ago, Northcoastgamer said:

Hard to believe that we never have played Skill 1 for Smurf, but I checked through the Game Index and it is so. Added another day for this one, scores will be accepted until next Tuesday evening December 6th. Best of luck guys!

Just a heads-up, as I could be mistaken:  but if I remember correctly, skill 1 has no birds.

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I just spent way too long on skill 1 😤 I was gonna say I’m fine with a different difficulty, but wish I didn’t spend the last 45 min running a Smurf 5k hahaha. 


Anyway, I got 334,800 on skill 1. Made my first “mistake” at 166,700, then my system started glitching at 263,000 (my CV isn’t very reliable). I’ve been using an Atari joystick, as my regular controllers are even less reliable. Depending on how it holds up, and how frustrated I get with the birds, I may switch to emu.


The glitches did make it more challenging, as my smurf kept disappearing and I had to sense when it was time to jump. 


Welp, I guess I’ll give it a quick go on skill 2...

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Oh man! It’s the race for 4th place aka who will make it past the 4th loop?! Had to post this right away bc I just barely squeezed out a few extra hundred points to surpass @Colecovision. This round is like smurf camping: in-smurfing-tents. 


What’s up with that huge skull anyway? - 63,100

I mean, it’s not a smurf’s (which would’ve been brutal of Gargamel), and it’s bigger than a human’s? Maybe not...it’s as tall as a smurf, so...are human heads three apples high? Someone fetch my apple sized ruler. 


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