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Flashback 9 in Flashback X Shell

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I was wondering if anyone has successfully put a Flashback 9 in a Flashback X shell?


I like that the 9 (gold) has wireless controllers and is what I actually use. I picked up a Flashback X in hopes that I could swap the 9 into the X because it looks more like a 2600. Unfortunately, the flex cable that connects the switches to main pcb isn't the same. I don't even know if it is possible to make an adapter for the flex cable. I can't seem to find any specifications on these machines to even begin to see if it can be done.


Perhaps, it's a fool errand, but I thought I's ask if anyone knows if there are any specs/schematics floating around for these machines that might help figure the pin outs/ins to see if it can be done?



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I doubt anybody has done this or has that info, and it likely can't be done, at least not easily.  Although the software in the 9 and X are very similar, the hardware is somewhat different and a bit of a downgrade even.


Unpopular opinion perhaps, but even though everybody likes the more traditional "upgraded" look of the FB X, I think the FB9 and similar prior units actually have better size and VCS proportions and look just fine, while the FB X is like a dwarf 2600 in it's relatively squashed proportions.  Yes the older design could of course be improved on.  The cheap attempt at wood grain is pitiful, although the color isn't too bad.  The upside-down controller ports right on the front since forever, the front bezel shape not quite right and lacking wood veneer of any kind.  Some don't like the big round buttons, although I kinda like them, at least for function.  The older Flashback obviously doesn't look like a heavy 6-er, but at the same time I think it's reminiscent enough that it's obvious to most people what it represents.  Think of it sort of as an iteration on the 2600 like the Darth Vader or the Jr, rather than an original reproduction.  At the end of the day you like it or you don't, or are indifferent.


But.... I'm more concerned with the play experience, and the FB9 is probably the best Atari Flashback unit produced to date.  It's what I use to play these games most often, and Stella on a laptop the rest of the time.  The FB8 was the first step in the right direction, but has a couple of quirks and shortcomings still.  I do have an FB X, and it stays in its box usually.  I don't like being tethered to wires again, clumsily plugged into the back of such a tiny unit no less, when the FB9's wireless controllers work so well for me and I'm playing this on a big screen that I want to sit somewhere across the room from.  I like the SD card feature for quickly and easily adding homebrew and classic original ROMs on occasion.  Although this is really no more difficult with a modded FB X, it does require a USB device dangling off the back.  I don't have to have anything extra hanging off of an FB-9 just to have Pac-Man, original 2600 Space Invaders, etc.  And the FB9 just seems to perform a little better for some reason.  The rewind and save features work really well.  The major shortcoming with the FB9 is the paddle support situation.  I don't think it's worth modding the resistors on its circuit board.  You could specially mod some paddle controllers, but really suitable pots are difficult to find.  It's probably just as easy to use an alternative FB model or Stella to play those 8 or so paddle games. 


Whether the new 50th Anniversary Flashback will have any material hardware or software improvements is of interest, but I have my doubts.  I'm pretty sure the wireless controllers and SD card are not coming back soon, if ever.  It gives the appearance of being a very slightly re-worked FB X, but I'm happy to be wrong about that.

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