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Atari 1040STf & SC1224 Lot!


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Atari 1040STf
1MB/4MB switchable Exxos RAM
Fully re-capped power supply
Re-capped, rebuilt original disk drive
Ps/2 mouse with adapter/Original mouse included in so-so condition.
Ultrasatan SD card hard drive with cartridge slot power supply. (Left port of drive doesn't read. It was like that when I received from Poland. Right side works perfectly so I didn't bother replacing)
83 disks. Some are official releases and some aren't.

Factory dust cover.

Atari SC1224 Color Monitor
3x new potentiometers. I was going to replace the originals because they are hard to turn but I didn't want to mess anything up. Monitor works great. Switches between low/medium resolution just fine.

Panasonic KX-P1080i
Works perfectly. Includes a box of brand new ink ribbons.






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Hi!    I know you are asking for cash, but have you considered trading ?!?!


I just completed a fantastic trade where both parties came out very happy (8-bit) for (16 bit) equipment.

it started with my "add" here



As my post states, I have "lots" of equipment to trade "PC" also...   please think about it I am happy to do a trade that leans in your favor for the sake of not having to deal with ebay anymore.


Sincerely Colleenlover.



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