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Pong day celebration.

Digital Fluff

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2 hours ago, Digital Fluff said:

Is there any way to recognize this mythical machine of yours from software?

@marauder666 who is better at all things software than I, hacked it and created a  version of your rom so forces it into NTSC and works fine.


FWIW, the reason my machine is odd is that we had I think 6 colecos to fix in at one point. The one that ended up as mine was in particularly horrible condition having had something spilled in it many years ago that had done all sorts of nasty stuff to the solder. It took an lot of work to bring it back from the dead. After a lot of shuffling for various reasons, my machine ended up with a spare video chip from an NTSC machine. As mine has an RGB mod it outputs 60hz but identifies as PAL. Most things work... He had to hack Defender also as that did some weird things, though not the same as it does on a real PAL machine oddly.


Given I suspect it's the only one of it's kind, as you can't just drop a NTSC video chip in there and it work without RGB, it's probably not worth detecting my freaky coleco.

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This realy is neat. I love having a Coleco clock!


I noticed a possible bug in the Tetris Clock. It sometimes randomly freezes the system, everything is frozen until reset is pressed. This occurs after anywhere from 1 minute to ~20 minutes. It seems to be random. All other modes work perfectly, ad infinitum.


All other modes keep great time! If it makes any difference, I'm testing this on ColEm. Can't vouch for other emulators having this bug in Tetris clock.

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