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Sega Genesis is this years Hallmark ornament

Cobra Kai

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3 hours ago, Cobra Kai said:



Wife got it for me. This one lights up and plays a tune from Sonic. I have the SNES version that came out last year but I don't think that one has any electronics in it.



Yeah it does, the SNES one plays the opening stage theme you get in Super Mario World since it's put into the slot, just as the NES one plays World 1-1's Super Mario Bros theme tune.  Just go push the power button on either console.

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52 minutes ago, DarthDuke said:

That's pretty neat! I've never seen these video game console themed ornaments. Must be all gone by the time I go looking. :) They are pretty cool though. Would like to find these sometime at a place that doesn't price them like they are rare. 

Just looked up the SNES one, you can buy it off ebay shipped for what it sold for new, maybe a little less even.  Guess it was made in good enough quantity to middle finger the scalpers.  Damn shame the older ones weren't, even got that awesome Link one that played the zelda 1 theme, that pissed me off hard.

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You want sorry, look up the one I still am ticked about because the scalpers still refuse to relent.

Legend of Zelda: LINK  2018 ornament.


Enjoy paying $70average for a $20 piece from 4 years ago.  Looks like the 8bit NES original link character full body crouched on a rock piece, pushing the button plays the overworld tune.  I tried to order it immediately and it was sold out, then tried the local stores, same, never got more in because the company pulled stock from the website and the collectard scalpers kept it on speed dial to charge up anything in stock and they're still hoarding the things.

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