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Season 13 ~ Week 17 ~ Paddle Week 1


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Week 17

Paddle Week 1

Encounter at L5



CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli


Encounter at L5

Released By: Data East

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode: 1



Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else.

The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of Dec 11, 2022


Super Bonus: More Paddle Fun!

Play Night Driver (Game 3 A/A) by Atari

(No Honking Cars and Gas makes you go super fast)

This game can be tough and frustrating!


Your First Digit Is your Bonus Points

(MAX 9 Points)

(Example: 21 gets you 2 Bonus Points)



Encounter at L5 Scores


5423 - Kermit (+50)

4338 - McCallister (+49)

4181 - AtariSphinx (+48)

3564 - JasonHRB (+47)

3319 - Keilbaca (+46)

3190 - Absalon (+45)

3020 - Evandro (+44)

2934 - Mchetzel (+43)

2746 - Vocelli (+42)

2382 - LaurenTyler (+41)

2378 - Rickster (+40)

2263 - JasonAtari (+39)

2184 - DrMooCowz (+38)

1893 - JGKspsx (+37)

1875 - GBAG (+36)

1772 - Atarian7 (+35)

1697 - FakeCortex (+34)

1563 - MoisesTusteo (+33)

1410 - JacobZu7Zu7 (+32)

1165 - Krytol (+31)

1128 - AGB (+30)

  985 - AtariWarlord (+29)

  851 - RGC (+28)

  622 - TheActivisionary (+27)

  232 - Keir (+26)

  143 - ClassicGamer (+25)



SUPER BONUS Night Driver Scores

(MUST play Game 3 A/A)


(+5) NASCAR Pros

51 - Kermit

51 - McCallister

51 - JasonAtari

50 - Absalon

50 - AtariSphinx

50 - JasonHRB


(+4) Professional NASCAR Wanna-Be's

49 - Mchetzel

48 - JacobZu7Zu7

45 - AtariWarlord

44 - Evandro

42 - JGKspsx

40 - Rickster


(+3) Soccer Moms

39 - LaurenTyler

39 - FakeCortex

38 - GBAG

35 - MoisesTuseto

33 - Vocelli

30 - Classicgamer

30 - Keir


(+2) Senior Driver

27 - DrMooCowz

21 - Krytol

20 - TheActivisionary


Overall Standings


 Remember The Top 24 will Qualify for the end of season Tourny!!!



1033     McCallister
1028     Kermit
1026     JasonHRB
1020     AtariSphinx
932     Absalon
896     JasonAtari
853     Dr Moocowz
816     Evandro
816     Keilbaca
814     Rickster
799     Vocelli
798     SkippyBCoyote
773     Mchetzel
746     JGKspsx
709     LaurenTyler
709     TheActivisionary
708     MoisesTuseto
691     FakeCortex
674     GBAG
673     Atari_Warlord
667     Atarian7
652     DomBradley
606     Krytol
592     Keir
498     AliceTwoPointOh
450     ClassicGamer
438     Chavert 
402     Deteacher
376     AGB
368     JacobZu7Zu7
292     RGC
247     Tituzzz
235     CrazyClimber
232     RaymanC
129     JeremiahJT
119     Lord Innit
115     RetroRob
65     AdamChevy
63     p1Fq03
61     RetroBreakout
58     AstroRabby
58     JeremiahK
52     RedMiller
50     Capitain Classic
50     Nads
40     Tripled
34     CXK
28     FiveX7
26     IntellivisionMaster
24     Nebulus
23     IzzzyWizzy
13     Jblenkle



Season 13 will have:

~ 1 More Paddle Week

~ Homebrew Holiday Break weeks… Featuring 4 Homebrew Games!

~ 2 Beat the leader weeks

The Season should end at the January, 2023


The TOP 24 will qualify for the End the Season Challenge.

The End of Season Challenge is:


Major Leagues Survivor 3 Strikes Tourney

~ The Top 12 Players will Qualify

~ It will last 4 Rounds (No more or no less)

~ 3 Games per round and 2 weeks per round

~ Receive a STRIKE by finishing in the bottom half of scores for each game.

~ The GOAL… Just survive by not getting 3 strikes.

~ Any Player NOT receiving 3 strikes by the end of the 4 Rounds, gets to pick a game for Season 14.

~ The Top 4 Ranked players from Regular Season will have a hand in picking the 3 games each round.

(The Major Leagues will last 8 Weeks)


Minor Leagues Survivor Tourney

~ The Players who are ranked 13-24 in Regular Season will Qualify.

~ It will last 4 Rounds (No more or no less)

~ ONE game per round and ONE week per round.

~ Finish in the bottom half in scoring for that game and you are automatically eliminated.

~ ONLY the last remaining Player will get to pick a Game for Season 14!

~ The TOP 2 ranked players will get to pick the game each week.

(The Minor Leagues will last 4 Weeks)

Edited by Vocelli
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I will gladly take 4 bonus points please. 😏 I just got to 40 by the very skin of my teeth. This game is an absolute crash-a-thon so I seriously doubt I'm getting to 50 for 5 bonus points, it's that hard man... :P 








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Digging Encounter, but sometimes I die and I didn’t even see myself get hit. I like that holding down the button allows for you to change your shooting angle. Another one I didn’t realize I owned, lol. 


EL5 - 1,697



Night Driver is...less fun on 3aa. Feels broken honestly. Good thing it’s timed for 90 seconds 🙃 Somehow I crashed my way to 3 bonus points! Here are some cool lights:


ND - 32


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Encounter At L-5: 5423


It seems it's safest to just hang out either on the far left or far right edge of the screen.  You may not take down the megalytes as quickly, but you're seldom going to be in their line of fire.  Most don't make it to the edge of the screen, and even if they try, they'll almost always have to cross your fire regardless of what angle you're firing.  I only move away from the edge when I need to take out a red warrior ship that spawns close to the middle of the screen.


Something else I thought was a clever tip, but can actually screw you is if maxed out on lives, stop firing and make no attempt to take out a red warrior ship if your score is approaching a multiple of 400.  The theory is that you often risk losing multiple lives in rapid succession when trying to take out the warrior, so it's better to allow the warrior to land and sacrifice one life that you will get back quickly once your score reaches the multiple of 400.  The problem is sometimes (likely due to a bug), you will lose multiple lives when the warrior lands.  This happened to me when reaching 800 points (about 1:35-1:45 in the video), when the warrior ship landing cost me two lives.





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On 12/4/2022 at 3:30 PM, Vocelli said:

Night Driver BONUS (Game 3 A/A):


Seriously, it is impossible to get any speed going.

It is possible!!

I'm going full speed, crash here and there and full speed again. It's fast, yes, but I made my way from 30 to 42, 46, 47 and finally 50. I move very quickly in the corners and don't really see them. But you know they are there, because of the pattern.

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Night Driver: 51


The first half of this run went about as good as I could hope for.  At the 45sec mark, I had 29 points, suggesting that a score of 60+ might be doable with only slight improvement in the first half and a repeat performance in the second half of the game.


With this variation crashing seems inevitable in certain sections of the course, so the key is to avoid crashing twice in a row around the same sharpest turns.  Letting up on the accelerator just before crashing seems to help with this.  It's also important to not hit the oncoming car unless it happens to be a section of the course where you were about to crash anyway.






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