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Spiders and Flies - New batari Basic Game

Ricardo Pim

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Spiders and Flies is my last homebrew published by Game Select some months ago.

It has been sold since then in Brazil and also internationally to anyone who wants it.

This week I managed to prepare a demo version which is available for download here in this post.

Here some additional information about the game.


Game Story


On a cold and humid night, an innocent fly away from his group is lost in the forest, when at one point he realizes that he is surrounded by a family of hungry spiders trying to devour him.

How long will he resist the attacks?


My Game Intentions


Spiders and Flies is a shooting game in the best style of the Atari 2600 games released in the golden age of the console, marking with fond memories the childhood of many ones, where the player's biggest concern was shooting at everything that moved.

This game was thought to have a relaxed gameplay, with moderate difficulty with the feeling of wanting more, where the player must discover for himself the patterns of attack or defense and thus draw up his own strategy to stay alive as long as possible, fight for points and win.


Some Technical Information


This is a 4k game using batari basic multisprite kernel. 

Although it's currently pretty easy to create games with sizes of 32kB or more, like the last two releases from Game Select, Asteroids Attack and Space Pac-Man, for Spiders and Flies I tried my best to limit myself to the 4kB size. I could easily create bonus screens, direct boss battles and whatever else my imagination allows, but by practicing this limitation, I was able to create something simple to play, very much the Atari 2600 way of being.


Videos to Enjoy


Here is an amazing review by Retro Bliss Gaming




Check de oficial Game Select unboxing




About the demo version


There are no reserve lives in it, it is not possible to gain new lives and the maximum difficulty is not reached.

The score color is red to be different from the full version.


International sales are still open


The game is finished and whoever wants to buy it, please contact us at atarigameselect@gmail.com. 

You can also get a lot of information on our homepage at http://www.gameselect.com.br.




Download the demo and a pdf copy of the complete original manual below.


Spiders and Flies (2022) (Demo, Game Select).bin


Spiders and Flies Manual Us-En.pdf






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Hey guys, here another amazing Spiders and Flies review by MGG Homebrew, enjoy it.






By the way, it is with great pleasure that we announce that our game has been nominated for the Best Homebrew 4K. Regardless of the result, I am already very happy to be participating again. Be sure to vote for your favorite game.




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