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5200 screen freezes


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I looked for a topic on this issue and saw where somebody had the problem but never said what the solution was. My 5200 is 4 port with the original power supply and RF switch box, it powers on and everything works good but after a few minutes of gameplay, sometimes 30 seconds, the picture distorts, looks like when a Nintendo cartridge needs blown in when first turned on, and freezes with the sound still playing and I have to turn the power off and back on then it does the same thing again. Same results with every game. Both controllers function properly before this happens. Maybe RF switch box going bad? It’s hooked to a fairly new 42” flat screen tv. 

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Check this video:



Bypassing the switchbox would be a good idea.

1 hour ago, duckodb said:

freezes with the sound still playing

Do you mean that the sound it's playing is the sound you'd expect the game to generate, or that it's just whatever the last sound it was making before it crashed?

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