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Looking for scans of bare 99/4a motherboard and schematics


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I'm thinking of messing around with redesigning the 4a motherboard and before I go through the trouble of stripping and scanning one myself I thought I'd see if there are scans already available? Also I'd like to get my hands on schematics that have the errors corrected.

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Thanks I've seen that thread, but what I'm wanting to do is not a drop-in replacement for the original board, in fact I want to change the footprint significantly so as to be easier to fit in other cases, also unless I missed it (possible) he hasn't posted scans of the original board or the corrected schematics.

I'm not planning anything too special and I'll post what I design assuming I finish it at all, though as you showed there are already other more promising projects going on, but I just want to mess with things myself and maybe make parts of it modular for experimentation. 

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I suppose the answer is in the thread but I'm at work and can't comb through it right now, but is he currently selling those and if so for how much USD?


I'm probably going to screw around with the design regardless, though unless I come up with something very different I'm probably not going to make it public so I don't step on other people's work, there's some pretty cool stuff either already available or in development. 

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The schematics are on Git, but there is an error somewhere in there that I have not yet found.   I will compare them to the schematics from the other clone project at some point, but I am not entirely sure when that will be.

I had a lot of time over COVID, which is when the majority of the work was done, but real life has gotten in the way of progress since then.

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