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It is clear AtariAge members are much too discriminating to spend like the rest of the eBay world, so I re-examined the situation. If I were to list this item on eBay, the return on a $350 selling price would be approximately $305.


Rather than bother with eBay then, I'm simply lowering my asking price to $305 here, noted below as well, with the hope of garnering more interest.



Yesterday (December 5th) I was browsing sold items on eBay and happened upon this auction...




...which ended on November 20th, and I thought, "Wow, $355 for a CIB Gemini. Oh wait, I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!"



And here it is:






So, what's different about MY Gemini from the one that sold for $355? 


On the PLUS side...


1) My box is in better shape (meh).

2) The foam says "GEMINI" and not just "COLECO" (yawn). 

3) I am the original owner, purchased in October of 1986 (here is the receipt)...



4) Mine is proven to work, with both joystick and paddle function of the Dual Command controllers...



5) And best of all (please note in the photo above), MINE comes with the Y-CABLE needed to play two-player paddle games (YAY!)



On the MINUS side...


1) The eBay seller's Gemini has apparently never been used (mine has been played a handful of times, decades ago, and has been in its box ever since).

2) The eBay seller's Gemini included the original pack-in game, Donkey Kong (mine includes a gnarly, Actiplaque'd yet fully-functional copy of Kaboom... SO THE BUYER OF MY GEMINI CAN PLAY IT IN TWO-PLAYER MODE WITH THE SPIFFY Y-CABLE!).



So I ask you, Dear Fellow Classic Gaming Enthusiasts, which of these two CIB Coleco Gemini Classic Consoles is the better value? 


If my Gemini appears to be worth $305 (or more, plus shipping), please send me a PM to express interest, with my thanks. If more than one party expresses interest, I may turn this into a bidding opportunity. If THAT happens, I will set a deadline to make offers and the highest offer will need pay only $5 above the second-highest offer (not unlike eBay), via PayPal if you please.


My policy will be to keep ALL bidders aware of ALL offers (anonymously) as they come in, via PM. That has worked quite fairly on this Forum in the past, and I GUARANTEE the buyer complete satisfaction with the purchase or there will be a full refund including return shipping. Please check my reputation here...

...if there are any doubts.


Thanks in advance for any and all considerations.




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