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The names are all mixed up again.


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By default, the list of users at the bottom of the forum index is displayed in order of most recent activity.  I paid someone to write a plugin that displays them in alphabetical order instead.


Yesterday I upgraded the forum to the latest version of the software.  Unfortunately, it appears that one or more third-party plugins/applications are NOT compatible with this version, and in such a way that it causes the forum to break if they are enabled.  Therefore, I am not going to re-enable these plugins until I am 100% confident (or at least as close to that as I can be) that they will not break the forum again once enabled.  That's probably going to take a few days, as I will need to work with the developers of those custom plugins/applications to either make sure they will work with this version of the forum software, or for them to make the necessary changes to make them compatible.


So, please be patient.  :)





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