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Game box cover is wavy


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You're talking about the art slip in the plastic case under the clear stuff.  It happens, the plastic may scrunch up with age and can drag the paper with it, common still now within those DVD/GC style cases in the 2000-06 range too.  I wouldn't be worried, just look at a quality scan online, compare it to yours, shouldn't be hard to tell.

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That normally doesn't happen since they're not stuck, but had environmental factors such as enough humidity to get a light stick of paper on plastic to occur then 100% likely that is the case.  It rippled and retracted and pulled the stuck on paper with it.


In that case, possible, but careful work, it could maybe be fixed.  Clothes(steam) iron, flat clean surface, white t-shirt.  Fold the shirt around the art (small bits at a time, not the whole thing at once), and push steam a few times to get a high humdity factor going without soaking the shirt, and use the damp heat to slowly blend the wrinkles out.  I've had great results doing this with game manuals and boxes which got warped.

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