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Phoenix Atari Core vs Retron


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The Retron 77 is not bad with the community firmware build. It is running Stella which is a fantastic emulator. Just be aware that some of the 77s have issues with running the latest FW with failing RAM. There is a whole thread over on the Atari 2600 forum about both the FW and the issues. If you get a machine that works with the latest firmware, it is a great way to play 2600 games.

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6 hours ago, ZillaRUSH said:

I must say when playing the Atari core on the Phoenix...it is amazing!  So bright and clean on big new TV's!  I just wish they had an update to play the newer homebrews.  Never had a retron....is the quality of the retron = Phoenix Atari core? 

I'd say overall the R77 is better.  I have far more games that are glitchy and don't work properly on the Phoenix than the R77.  Plus selecting which game, as in which of the 112 Space Invader games you want to play for example, and the left/right difficulty is way easier on the R77.

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5 hours ago, ZillaRUSH said:

New homebrew carts work on it?

Smaller homebrew carts work on the R77 fine but the more complex stuff from the likes of John Champeau do not.  NO carts work on the Phoenix, only ROMs through an SD card.  An Atari cartridge adapter was mentioned as something in development before the Phoenix was released but just like a Phoenix controller and other cores, we're still waiting.  Waiting so long, most of us, including myself have given up on them ever coming and have redefined our expectations of the console.  I'm happy with it just playing CV, SGM and occasional Phoenix specific releases.  Really hope Collectorvision or Opcode do a new compatible controller for it though.  That's what I want more than new cores.

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I was playing the phoenix using the atari core last night. most games worked perfectly. Newer homebrews not so much but they are using bank switching and sometimes memory adds on like atarivox.


It works really well. The colecovision + f18a + sgm side works flawlessly in every rom I tried.


The atari core was a free bonus core. I think a sega master system core at some point would be a natural fit.


It's a really good system. I hope they make some more someday. 


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