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Atari Falcon replica box


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I always found that my otherwise complete Falcon system was incomplete without the original box. Until now, I used an old 1040ST cardboard box to store it. Robert Tercsi ("Robson") made a print template for the box a few years ago and had some packaging printed. After consulting with Robert, and after a long search, I found a printing company that could give us a faithful reproduction of the cardboard. Here on the pictures you can see the result. As you may know, a Spanish company also offers prints. But you have to cut them out yourself. In addition, the quality is said to be not very good (I did not check them, maybe it is!). Anyway, these boxes I had printed are ready punched, glued and embossed and can be assembled in seconds. Due to the small quantity and the increased production costs, they are not quite cheap. Still, I'm glad to finally have a cardboard box for my Falcon. If someone wants one: Each box costs 45 EUR (only the box, no styros). Postage for a package has to be added. The box will be well protected with thick packing paper. Cost for shipping: I calculate with https://www.transglobalexpress.de/quote/quote/ and the result for shipping is FLAT or assembled as BOX: 

FLAT: parcel in dimensions 80x80x3cm: 18,29 EUR for shipping within Germany, 25,91 EUR for shipping to UK, 15,24 EUR for shipping to France, 19,95 EUR to Poland, 67,07 EUR to USA. 

BOX: parcel in dimensions 60x25x45cm: 10,35 EUR for shipping within Germany, 33,84 EUR for shipping to UK, 20,15 EUR for shipping to France, 26,44 EUR to Poland, 130,40 EUR to USA. 

These are only examples. I will gladly calculate individually, but please don't forget that the flat package is quite big. Please DM if you want one (the Falcon and any accessories are of course not included).















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