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1 hour ago, playsoft said:

It's a 1MB supercart with 16K RAM and YM2151. It will run on DragonFly but it may crash if you haven't updated the CPLD. It will also run on A7800 and JS7800 (the build for JS7800 simply has the YM bit removed from the header as that seems to cause it to select the wrong bank switching scheme).


ba.a78 1 MB · 123 downloads ba_js7800.a78 1 MB · 7 downloads

Thanks for this :)

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I gave this a run last night and it is quite impressive! I saw a comment somewhere on YT where someone complained that the music isn't synced to the video. And it might be true, but it is pretty darn close or at least it was on my 7800 last night. The part where the main tune really kicks in seemed to happen pretty close to when the girls playing the instruments show up just like it should and it ended right at the end of the Yin/Yang swirl...


I do think some of the audio is a bit off or slightly out of tune on the FM composition but it is better than what we have on the 5200 or Intellivision versions by a mile!


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