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Benchmarks: FastChip on Apple II/e Platinum...


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...got tired of trying to find some basic tests, to see how far this accelerator could really go... but found nothing I could consistently verify on my own, so...


Here's a series of tests, and summary of results (in AppleWorks 5.x spreadsheet), to get a basic idea of how this 65C02/65816 dual Accelerator works:


FAEA1367-C053-4F56-8F13-2292C738EADF.thumb.jpeg.1fd5b782f12354d96e6892ec2fe3130c.jpeg 15137BBF-546C-449C-83D4-45AFC006B507.thumb.jpeg.e24933cef51f494719b2b92cda96f08d.jpeg


Quite a wide performance range over multiple (real) apps., but markedly increased on older titles, with little or no calls traversing local bus.


All tests with FastChip's RAMworks enabled (mine is the 512KB+512KB version, with 65816 support).

Video output on LCD over A2Heaven's RGB card mounted on Aux slot's RAMworks 4MB expansion from ReactiveMicro.

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I just saw this!  Interesting.


In my own tests using Applesoft, I found the most dramatic speed increase happens when everything is running on the FastChip RAM

Mine is a 65816 as well.  1024Mb version, I believe.



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