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FS or FT Nintendo Comics and Retro Games!


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I have some Nintendo Comics and Retro Games for sale or for trade! If you are looking to buy, prices are marked and we will come up with a reasonable shipping cost! If you are looking for trade, send me your lists! Offers for multiple items are welcome!


I also wanted thank those of you that have purchased a copy of Felix The Cat for CD-i! I really appreciate your business as the game is doing great and I am hoping to announce the second one by the end of the month! If you still need a copy you can grab one at worldofgamespublishing.com!


Thanks for looking!


Nintendo Comics

Captain N Issue 3 - $15

Game Boy Issue 2 - $15

Super Mario Bros Issue 4 - $15

Game Boy Issue 1 - $20

or take all 4 for $50!



Flying Nightmares (Disc Only) - $20

Waialae Golf (Disc Only) - $20

World Cup Golf (Disc Only) - $20

D - (Disc and Manual) - $65

The Tower (Import, CIB) - $40

Blue Forest Story (Import, CIB) - $30

Graduation Final (Import, CIB) - $25

Idol Janshi Suchie Pai Special (Import, CIB) - $30

Super Real Mahjong PV (Import, CIB) - $50


Dreamcast (All Imports)

Psychic Force 2012 (CIB) - $20

Vampire Chronicles (CIB) - $70

Blue Stinger (CIB) - $20

Seventh Cross (CIB) - $20


Sega Saturn 

The Game Paradise (Import, CIB) - $50



SNK Tag Team Frenzy (Soundtrack, Disc and Manual) - $30


Sega CD

Night Trap (2 Discs Only) w/Book - $50


...and From my CD-I collection, 4 brand new German Video CDS! $20 Each

Black Beauty 

The Hunt For Red October 

Of Mice and Men 


FullSizeRender 2.jpeg

FullSizeRender 3.jpeg

FullSizeRender 4.jpeg





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