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Two Hack games with menu (HES Hack)


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Menu HES Hack


Two  hack games with menu, the menu used for is the same one that was created in the 90's by HES, in the manufacture of its European carts, with small changes to the logo and of course the name of the game to be selected.

The NTSC version has the initial menu flickering in the Stella emulator, I still haven't found out the cause.
But on the real Hardware the problem doesn't seem to occur, I conducted the tests to verify.

If possible, please tell me if the PAL version of the roms are converted to your regional standard, if the colors are ok.
Thanks for your feedback.









2 Pak Special -Leg. Kain, Jungel Jim (2022) (HES Menu Hack) (Alfredtdk).bin 2 Pak Special -Leg. Kain, Jungel Jim (2022) (HES Menu Hack) (Alfredtdk) (PAL).bin

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I tried running the top two in Stella (both NTSC and PAL) and the NTSC version randomly starts at different places.  Most of the time it just starts right into the Jungle Hunt hack and only once did it give me the flickering menu.  The PAL version seems to work fine though for me on my laptop.


edit:  PAL just went straight into the game with a restart as well for the first time (one try out of maybe 5-6 so far that otherwise worked).

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16 minutes ago, LatchKeyKid said:

Seems like a cool idea!  How did you add it in?

Just replacing the original old roms with these current modified roms, remembering that this was a first field test, I don't have enough data to say that they are fully functional roms, there may be glitches.
The roms that bug, for example, a version of Donkey Kong that I made some modifications, did not run in that menu in any way.
Another rom that also bugs and returns to the beginning of the menu is World Jewels, a modified Dragonfire rom, it only runs the first 3 stages and then it bugs and returns to the initial menu of HES. I have not yet tested original roms without any kind of modification.
Much more testing will be needed over time, but I believe such flaws will be fixed in the future. I hope so.

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