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Mali's Cash - The Biggest, Baddest Retro Homebrew Magazine

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What is Mali's Cash?
Mali's Cash is a gaming and cultural magazine, designed by myself (fcgamer). The magazine primarily focuses on Famicom / NES through PlayStation. It is a bit Famicom heavy, but I am making a conscious effort to add content about other machines too.


Our focus is on unauthorized games - so anything from modern homebrew / indie games, to old pirates, to game hacks are all fair game. We also include some small cultural articles about life in Taiwan, have a monthly hororscope section, beer picks for the month, etc. For those interested in gaming perspectives from a dinosaur that has been collecting and documenting stuff for years, this might be an interesting magazine for you, and my staff is always working hard to try to improve the content of the magazine for our viewers.


Changes for November (Issue 4) and Future Issues 

The first thing to note is that we decided to remove most advert pages from the magazine. Originally stuck in with the idea of giving Mali's Cash a reminiscent feeling of magazines of old, after some reflection it just felt as though it was a waste of space, which could be better served with more content. We'll still include an occasional advert or two, and the one on the back cover stays, but the vast majority of pages will be solely content.


Availability of Issue 4 (Two Venues and an Electronic Version)

A lot of people asked me about purchasing the magazine off of Amazon. I decided to listen and the magazine will be offered on Mag Cloud as well. The Amazon and Mag Cloud versions of the magazine are not identical - some things have been formatted a bit differently, but the content is the same between the two venues. I'll eventually upload volumes 1 - 3 on Mag Cloud as well, and although I personally don't recommend it (it's basically just a PDF file), an electronic version is also available. That wasn't my vision, but if it encourages more readers, then okay.






I believe this is our best issue yet, followed by #3. The first few issues were experimenting a bit, but I think we've started to figure out exactly what we want to do.


Availability of Issues 1, 2, and 3

Probably at the end of the year, or at Chinese New Year at the latest, I will remove the first three volumes of Mali's Cash from Amazon and edit them, before relisting them on Amazon and then also on Mag Cloud. 


Here's the skinny: apparently Amazon doesn't want advertisements in their self-published products; similarly, some of the content we feel is a bit of a gray area in terms of causing copyright issues. The Secret Life of Mario series will be removed from future volumes. While discussing the hacked games I think is fine, my approach at discussing them is a bit too literary and could be viewed as fanfiction or something, rather than a strictly factual discussion on the games and their content. This could be a problem, so they've got to go.


So if you want original versions of the first three issues, before the changes come along, grab them NOW! Changes will be made as soon as I have the time.


Volume 1:


Volume 2:


Volume 3:

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