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New Game - Angry Motes


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I present to you another mini-game. Angry Motes. This one was my submission for the LynXjam 2022 game jam that's just wrapping up now.


In this game you control the player who is playing a game on the TV. You control what the person does in the room and that reflects what the game on the TV does in return. The goal of the game is to score 99 points against the computer without destroying your TV completely. Or just smash that TV to bits, it's your choice!


Computer 'AI' is very dumb, it just moves the computer paddle left/right. You have to try and get the ball past the computer's paddle. Timing is important. You can launch the ball or by holding down the launch button, or you can build up extra force when you swing to make the ball fly faster. The greater the force, the greater is the chance of having the mote fly out of your hands.


If the mote hits the TV, it will damage it, but that's only visual, you can continue playing the game by feel.


Have fun playing! The download is available on the game page over at itch.io - https://atarigamer.itch.io/angry-motes




Some more screenshots...






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First game I tried from the submissions, it's definitely a charming mini game.

A bit easy to get a high score without busting the TV, but I wanted to see how much you can destroy it 😄


I did find a bug where when you for example throw the paddle at the TV and score when you're on the far left side and you walk to the right, the paddle will get stuck on the left side. Maybe its an idea to set the paddle to the remote position after that so it reflects the playing field.



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Thanks @Ninjabba, glad you like it, I'll try and fix that bug, didn't encounter it myself in my testing. The damage is generated randomly so after (a long) time you can get the whole screen covered. I think the damage looks the best on the second TV, the middle choice, because of how scaling distorts pixels to be non-square.

About the high score - I didn't really intend that game to be about getting a high score but just having fun!


Anyone else tried it out yet?

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