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298 Colecovision Carts For Sale - ANOTHER Price Drop $325


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Years ago, while purchasing some Atari 8 bit gear, I picked up 298 loose CV carts as part of the deal.  Also included was a CV console (no power supply), and a roller controller.  I was planning on building up a CV collection, but never did.  Now, I would like to make room for other stuff.


I would like to see these go to someone in the community, so I am asking what I consider to be a fair price of $500 $325 for all of it, for a quick sale.  I would strongly prefer to not ship this lot, and I am NOT able to ship this lot, but would be willing to meet in person in Northern California, if possible.  I would also consider trading for some Atari 8 bit items.


Below is the list of cartridges:


2010 1
BC's Quest for Tires 2
BlackJack/Poker 2
Buck Rogers 1
Buck Rogers (Homemade Label) 1
Cabbage Patch Kids 1
Cabbage Patch Kids (PAL) 1
Car Races (Homemade Label) 1
Carnival 14
Carnival (PAL) 1
Centipede 3
Centipede (Homemade Label) 2
Congo Bongo 1
Congo Bongo (Homemade Label) 2
Cosmic Avenger 12
Defender 1
Destructor 1
Donkey Knog Jr. 15
Donkey Kong 30
Donkey Kong Jr. (PAL) 2
Dukes of Hazzard (Homemade Label) 1
Flipper Slipper 1
Frenzy 2
Frogger 5
Front Line 2
Gorf 3
Gorf (PAL) 1
Illusions 1
Ladybug 14
Ladybug (Homemade Label) 1
Looping 6
Looping (PAL) 1
Miner 2049'er 4
Mouse Trap (PAL) 1
Mousetrap 12
Mr. Do! 5
Nova Blast 2
Omega Race 3
Pepper II 3
Pitfall 1
Popeye 2
Q*Bert 9
Q*Bert (Homemade Label) 1
River Raid 1
Rocky 2
Slither 6
Slither (Homemade Label) 2
Smurf 12
Smurf Resuce (Homemade Label) 1
Space Fury 6
Space Fury (PAL) 1
Space Panic 2
Space Panic (PAL) 1
Squish'em Sam 4
Squish'em Sam (Homemade Label) 1
Star Trek (Homemade Label) 1
Subroc 7
Super Action Baseball 10
Super Action Football 1
Tarzan 1
Telly Turtle Drawing Program (Homemade Label) 1
The Heist 1
Time Pilot 3
Time Pilot (Generic Label) 1
Time Pilot (PAL) 1
Turbo 5
Unlabeled 18
Venture 16
Venture (PAL) 1
War Games 3
War Room 2
Zaxxon 10
Zaxxon (PAL) 2
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Updating price and removing option to ship.
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