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My 2023 C64 year of HW project roadmap


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To keep my C64/128 at the forefront of my interest in 2023, I’m making some resolutions:


* Relearn 65xx assembler: I went on archived.org and printed a bunch of books. Presently reading the Jim Butterfield one.

* building myself a 1581: never could afford one, but I found Core64 project on pcb way. 5 boards are on the way and I’ve parts to build at least 3. I think I’ll build a 3162 (dual 1581). 
* Speaking of HW project, I went through the 29 pages of shared C64 projects on pcbway and ordered all that I wanted. Next to be built will be a modulator replacement and lumafix combo for my Pal C64C that’s on the way from Germany.

* I also have boards and parts on the way to build 5 modern REU based on https://github.com/frntc/RAD


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1 hour ago, OLD CS1 said:

I would not mind putting such a construct inside an Apple DuoDisk, just to add some amount of insult.

Sadly, the slot wouldn't match the 3.5". 


I've access to a cnc machine. I'll make an MDF (or a nice oak or cherry) case, one that'll fit over the rear half of my C128. I'm planing to have my pi1541 inside of it also, so it'll be disk drive 8,9,10 inside, and a single 1541 (for the time it has left, damn newtronics head rot) as device 11 in case I get some floppies to copy. I'm also thinking of building a new PSU for the C128, 1581 and the rPi inside it.


I've spent the last hours unsoldering the chips from my dead 1571. The 6502 will be reused on the extra 1581 board I'll have left. I've two 

W65C02S6TPG-14 on order for my two boards, but I think I'll be able to make two other with the parts I've on hands. I need to source one of 1.44mb 3.5" floppy drive that match the one I've prsently.

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1 hour ago, WhataKowinkydink said:

Well, you'll have to keep us informed of your progress

That’s kind of the point of this thread 🙂


Oh, and for those who like to tinker ever get the idea of buying one of those S-993A vacuum desoldering gun on eBay, DON’T!

they suck in every which way beside what they were made to suck… This is my second one, there won’t be a third. I’m back to hot air and manual solder suction pump. 

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