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Season 13 ~ Week 19/20/21 ~ Atari 2600 Homebrew


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Hello all!  What an honor to have my first homebrew, Mr. Yo-Yo as part of the High Score Club!  I hope you all enjoy the game and have fun with it!  I know the game can be a bit difficult at first, but like most games, with practice, it gets easier.  Since I see that the blue Bouncers are already causing a little trouble (they're supposed to be fish, btw), I'll give you a tip on how to deal with them - if there's only one on screen and you just want to get by him, wait until just after he passes the midpoint of the screen, then go.  You'll fly right by him every time!


I've attached a text draft of the game manual, which may help out a bit.  I also uploaded a video to YouTube a while back which features text commentary on the gameplay.  I put a bunch of tips in there, and a little on the game's background.  The video can be found here: 



If you happen to have purchased a Mr. Yo-Yo cartridge from the AtariAge Store, the cartridge version has two easter eggs that are not present in the downloadable ROM.  So a little something extra to go after there!


Personally, I've found that I do much better with the game when I use a gamepad type of controller, such as the Sega Genesis controller, as opposed to the traditional Atari joystick.  It's easier for me to fire right and left with a quick press on the gamepad, instead of moving the big joystick back and forth.  My personal high score was set on an Atari Flashback Portable:



If anyone has any questions or would like tips on how to play the game, feel free to ask!  And if you enjoy the game, I would appreciate it if you'd leave a review for it on the AtariAge Store!  Thanks!

Mr Yo-Yo Game Manual_TEXT_DRAFT.docx

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Mr. Yo-Yo - Level 1 - B/B - 16,920 Points...


I agree it's very hard to shoot and steer the Mr. Yo-Yo with a joystick. Steering is easy, but shooting which is the other direction is quite difficult. 🥺


Fun game and definitely a cool concept with the yo yo dipping down and up just like a real yo yo does, HAHAHHAHAA :P 





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