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Falcon upgrade install


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Is there anyone out there (in the USA) that I could trust to send my Falcon to for install of CT63, configuration/software as needed, and any other mods she may need (re-cap, clock battery, audio fix etc).


I'm looking for a 1 stop shop to make sure my Falcon is 100% and I don't trust myself to do delicate internal work


Thanks in advance!!

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I might be wrong but the new ct63 doesn't do anything with the falcon's bus. Also it definitely doesn't affect the nvram. And if you need a recap (very unlikely for a falcon) you would see instabilities already. So if it is stable right now chances are it will be stable after the ct63 installation.


It might help if you state where you live as someone local might be able to do the installation for you and remove the risk of damage during transportation and the costs.

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