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Kinhank Super Pro Console X - Intellivision emulation


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I got one a few days ago, but I have not tried out the Intellivision games yet, but first impressions for the system overall are excellent. I takes a minute to boot, but once you're there the menu is clean and easy to use, everything pretty much worked out of the box as-expected.  Nice to not have to deal with a lot of config files and controller mappings (although there are a billion options if you want to go into them).


I tried a bunch of Capcom arcade games and they run great. Being able to play the D&D beat 'em ups again is a real treat. I tried MSR on the Dreamcast and that ran well. It let me go through the normal VMU save flow, but I haven't gone back to the game to see if it actually worked. I tried a few classic arcade games, NES, SMS, Odyssey 2, Genesis and other arcade titles and everything ran.  I played race of two of Mario Kart 64 and it seemed fine to me, but I don't have system to A/B with with anymore.


I haven't figured out how to switch disks for Amiga games, which is pretty critical for most of its library.


For $120, it's an amazing all-in-one TV-friendly emulation box.

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