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Wormhole - WIP


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Cooper's Wormhole is notoriously unstable. You never know where or when you'll be when you come out the other end. Less than ideal for families on a trip to Space Yellowstone, but perfect for criminals looking to hide from the law. As a member of the elite Interplanetary Fugitive Apprehension and Recovery Taskforce (IFART for short), your job is to catch them before they escape.


Use the joystick to control your ship. Pushing up speeds your ship up, pushing down slows it down. Left and right steer it left and right. The fire button doesn't do anything, but feel free to hold it down if that makes you feel better.


The bar to the left of your score shows you approximately how far you are through the wormhole. The bar on the right shows you how far you are from the fugitive you are chasing. If you catch the fugitive before they leave the wormhole you get a bonus and move on to the next level. If the fugitive escapes the wormhole before you catch them, the game is over.


The wormhole being a tear in the fabric of time and space, there's all sorts of weird stuff in there. Avoid crashing into it. Crashing into space junk or the walls of the wormhole won't hurt your ship, but it will slow it down. Colliding with a swirling time eddy will send your ship closer to the beginning of the wormhole, so be especially careful to avoid those.


This is still a pretty early work in progress, so there's no sound and only one difficulty level at this point.


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