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Music + sound on Colecovision

Eric M

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Hi there,


I'm working on a big update for DoTheSame I've started few years ago by adding musics ;)

(You can hear one of them here. Thanks Amy for this tool)



I want to know if it's possible to play a "one channel sfx " on a "4 channels" music (ch1, ch2, ch3 & noise) without altering music


On my test, I play music well but when I press a key, this sfx is "inserted" on my first channel and the music is altered (everything in this first channel is shifted)

edit : it's another kind of alteration : the sfx is played but all the channel is reset and it plays this channel again from the beginning.


I use Amy's devkit.


thanks a lot




EDIT 2 : I've found : music use soundarea 1 to 4 and sfx uses soundarea5 in my case. So there is no more channel 1 reseting :)

Big thanks to Tony for putting me on the track :)

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