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5200 Games, and the Buttons / Keypad Buttons they use.


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I compiled this Google Sheet from reading pdf's of manuals on here.

Plus google searches of the inserts. Red & Orange highlighted areas, still need updating.

Help is welcome. Any game that can be played without or by ignoring the keypad in 1P or 2P mode. Please let me know.


Personal reason for the list, is to build/mod a nes style controller with limited function using this pcb, by NES64. D-Pad, Start/ReSet and Lower/Upper fire buttons. This limits us to 8 games. I'll need to add two momentary switches to have * & #. This will give us up to 29 Games. As highlighted in Column S. This is achieveable using the diagrams provided by MrRetroGamer on this forum, for the StarCon 5200 controller. Plus this drawing from RetroGameGirl helped. Concept of the mod is pictured below. Lots of scraping, solderiing, drilling and shrink wrap will be involved, haha :). 


Once I start building it, I'm going to see how much space I really have inside the shell. If I even have any space after building the up/down, L/R circuits. I'll start with the *,# and maybe 0. If I have more space, I'll experiment with installing 1, 2, and 3 buttons. At least with 1, 2 and 3, I can naviagate most of Beamrider difficulty settings. Sadly Dreadnaughts upper missions wont be available. We will see.





NES Controller PCB to 5200.png

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