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Jurassic park (Pet 2001-8n)


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One thing I wish the PET had was a renumber and Print AT command. It's a bit short. Basically, avoid the T-rex, get the kids and hammond off the island. Ideas on expansion would be appreciated. 

I don't program the PET often. Its basic is...weird.



load "Jurassic park",8,1 to start

Also, is there a way to make a PNG file and convert it to ASCII?

Jurassic park.d64

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22 hours ago, Frozone212 said:

One thing I wish the PET had was a renumber and Print AT command.


Can't hep with renumber, but you can simulate PRINT AT.  Define 2 strings, one containing 25 cursor down characters and the other 40* cursor right characters. For this example I defined them as D$ and R$ respectively.


Then PRINT "{HOME}" LEFT$(R$,x_position) LEFT$(D$, y_position) "text to print at x,y"


* 80 if you're targeting a PET with 80 columns








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