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Vic 20 Digitized Photo Program


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Morning all


I’m looking for a way to convert pictures on a PC to view on a Vic 20. I appreciate the loss of quality will be marked but it’s to form part of an RPG I’m looking to make. The game itself will be simple but I’m hoping to give it a polished feel to basically make up for the poor game! 

any help would be greatly appreciated!




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How much detail are you willing to give up? Would you use small images as part of the entire layout like Ghislain does in the Realms of Quest series, also on VIC-20? I think you can use a program to convert an image into monochrome bitmap and then get the data per 8x8 cell.


Pasi Ojala (Albert of Pu-239) made a converter that outputs 100x160 pixels multicolour images from PPM input. I used it many years ago with decent results but those would use all 4K RAM available to the VIC chip and more, essentially taking over the system. I believe there are a few similar tools mentioned on the Denial forum.

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Hi Carlsson and thanks for getting back to me

id be looking at full screen if possible but would compromise on size if the image was reasonable quality. I’m fully aware of the Vic’s limitations so looking to get the best possible. Size isn’t too much of a problem as I’d look to make it a multi load off an SD card so not too worried about size limitations. 


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This is what I achieved many years ago: http://www.cbm.sfks.se/ppm2vic/

It would seem that Pasi's website has moved to here: http://a1bert.kapsi.fi/Dev/vicgfx/


Bear in mind those pictures will take about 5K RAM each, which is quite a lot even on an expanded machine.


You have some more options here: http://sleepingelephant.com/~sleeping/ipw-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?t=10117


Possibly you could use a C64 graphics program too, and get bitmaps out of it which have mostly the same format as VIC-20.

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Many thanks for your help on this. I will have a look through and try to work out what works best. Essentially I was looking for something like the Spectrum .scr format which was used for 16K loading screens. I'll have a play with these and see what works


You are a gentleman, all the best!

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