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Lubuntu installs to an internal M.2 drive flawlessly.

Lord Thag

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Just a heads up. I've seen a lot of posts here and on reddit about folks wanting to install a linux distro to an internal M.2 drive. 


Lubuntu, which is a lighter, less resource intensive Ubuntu fork installs directly to an internal drive with zero issues. Just create a USB stick, hold escape, go to boot manager and boot off the stick. It detected and installed to the M.2 drive effortlessly. Once done, just repeat the ESC boot to boot back to the new Lubuntu install.


After I set it up, I threw Steam on there, with the linux xbox controller software (works with the VCS modern controller), and enabled the native Steam Proton compatibility layer (the same software that makes the Steam Deck work). It all works perfectly. I set the thing to bypass the login screen, and boot directly to Steam Big Picture mode, and installed a ton of games. It works like the Steamdeck in dock mode. 


Boot with ESC and you get a fully functional Steambox on a rock stable, low resources linux distro (I haven't upgraded RAM yet and have had zero issues). Boot normally and you get the VCS OS. 


This is pretty freaking great, I must say. 

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