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Trying to archive and old piece of ST software - disk imager question


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I have an Atari ST demo slideshow disk that I don't see online and I want to turn it into an .ST image to archive. I currently have an STm with an HxC2001 in an external enclosure acting as A: and B:. 




My two SF314s are not connected. I plan to connect one of the SF314s to the chain-off port on the HxC2001 enclosure (which has standard rear ports for the SF354 drive its replaced) and thereby have flash for A: and floppy for B: I am wondering what util disk I might use (that is a disk image) to load via HxC that will read a floppy and save it as an .ST image. I can create a "blank disk" on the HxC and use it in A: after the util is loaded to store the .ST image, assuming it will fit on a 720K image. 


Can someone point me to a util disk that would help me out here? I've looked around and am not easily finding what I'm looking for. 


(I will then need to use the HxC util to convert the .ST image to .HFE so that the HxC can read it, annoytingly.)







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If the HxC can write to .HFE images then you can simply use a disk copier program to copy from the floppy drive to the HxC. Fastcopy III should do the trick: https://www.atariuptodate.de/en/3448/fastcopy


Otherwise, you can use a disk archiver like:


Trans D-Bug Express http://d-bug.me/news.php?id=448

MSA https://sites.google.com/site/stessential/disks-tools/msa

JayMSA http://phoenix.inf.upol.cz/~opichal/jay/stapps.htm#msa


Good luck!

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