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Just got a Commodore 16 and it's glitchy! Also crashes?

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As the title says, I just got a C16 and it's glitchy on the best of days.  When powered, Some times there's no picture (resetting or power cycling seems to fix that).  Sometimes there's garbage on the screen. And rest of the time it powers perfectly normally?  


I didn't think much of it at first, but now it's crashing/locking when executing simple BASIC programs.  Simple stuff like repeating "HELLO WORLD" or the one-line maze program.  I have loaded a few programs over serial (via pi1541) and they seemed to work for a while, but now it's crashing within seconds.


today it seemed to drop into machine monitor a few times.  Other times it simply locked up mid program, or filled with colored blocks.   


My chief suspect is the CPU, as I understand that they can be unreliable.  I do know that they can be replaced with a 6510 (I'm assuming an 8500 as well) but I don't know where to get the adaptor.  I honestly don't think it's the TED, as the picture is stable (even when it locks/crashes), but I've never had a 264 machine before so I can't be certain.  Also, this is a NTSC machine, so getting a replacement might be difficult.


Unfortunately I don't have another working machine to compare this to and lack a diagnostic/dead test for this.  I got one for the c64, but that's no help. Any suggestions?



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