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Sold Out!


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Hi all,


Trying to make a little space, offers gladly considered.  Trade wants below listings.


Wow this has been quite a success!  Only the PAL 65XE remains!


Prices include shipping in CONUS!



Sinclair 128 +2 (Grey) - $150:  SOLD!

This machine works, but has some pad damage around the RGB connector / (former) RF box ground pad from the bodged composite mod.  Composite output does work as you can see.  Sound is funky, but I'm not sure if that's normal or not for these... Voltage regulator replaced with a modern one, keyboard is excellent, case looks great, nice and clean!  This is a project machine, the board is just too delicate for my hands, but these are not easy to find stateside.  Comes with "Car" Cassette adapter and brand new tape drive belts to be installed.  Oh also this comes with the original box and foam, but they ain't pretty.


RetroRadionics ZX Omni - $85:    SOLD!

This thing had a voltage regulator pertaining to the battery charging circuitry blow up and it seemed dead afterwards.  I removed the whole relevant charging board, and it came back to life, but it is flaky and weird.  It loads TAP files perfectly from the built in DivMMC, but I can't get it to load Z80 files.  The Wi-Fi modem still works, and you can IRC on this thing.  Also seems to work fine with audio loading.  Anyway, maybe you can make it happy.  Comes with decent AV cable.


Atari 800XL (NTSC) $125:  SOLD!

Clean and happy, works great!  This one was refurbished by our very own eightbitfix and works great.  Computer only.



Thanks for looking, please ask any questions you may have!

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